Adobe’s Upcoming iPad Art App Is Named ‘Adobe Fresco’ and Features Live Brushes

Adobe has renamed their upcoming iPad art app as Adobe Fresco. The app was earlier known by the name Project Gemini. Adobe’s new art app for iPad uses an ancient Italian painting technique and is currently available for private beta testing. The app is designed for professional artists and includes an array of tools.

“Adobe scientists have studied the chemistry of common real-world pigments like cobalt and ochre. They’ve looked at the physics of how watercolors are absorbed into the thick, cotton-based paper. And they’ve examined the ways that a thick slash of oil paint dries to add dimension to a painting.”-Scott Belsky, Adobe.

In order to recreate the behavior of oils and watercolors, Adobe has come up with a new feature called Live Brushes. The tool simulates a real brush and will also bloom into adjacent areas of the paper. Interestingly you can also recreate painting and dilute some colors by adding water to the mix.

Adobe is not just restricting itself to the Fresco brushes on the app. You can also import your favorite Photoshop brushes in the app and gain access to brushes created by the digital brush maker Kyle Webster. Furthermore, the vector brushes can be used to create clean, crisp and infinitely scalable lines and shapes. You can also create your own brush by making use of Adobe Capture.

According to Adobe’s blog post, “Fresco will have the power creative professionals need. It includes pro-level tools like layers, masking, and selection in a workspace you can customize for efficiency. Fresco works seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop, allowing you to move your drawings between the apps. It also supports export to PDF for editing within Adobe Illustrator.”

Adobe is currently allowing both novice and seasoned artists to check out Fresco for free. If you are one of them, head over to this link and apply as a private tester. Meanwhile, you can watch the Adobe Fresco at work in the demo video below.

[via Adobe]