Apple Will Most Likely Retire 3D Touch in Favour of Haptic Touch on 2019 iPhones

The 3D Touch debuted on iPhone 6s and has been carried on to all the other models including the latest iPhone XS Max. Earlier on, a rumor had surfaced that Apple is going to ditch the Haptic Touch across all new iPhones and iPad. This was learned by a team of analysts from Barclays, who talked with multiple Apple Suppliers.

The rumor seems to be accurate as it has been confirmed on the software front. In other words, Apple is most likely to ditch the 3D Touch. Meanwhile, Apple has already confirmed the “Quick Actions” menu that pops up above the app icons on the home screen and lets users preview the email. This feature is now available on any iPhone or iPad that supports iOS 13.

It is worth noticing that both the features are based on long press. Haptic Touch is Apple’s marketing term for a long press with haptic feedback from the Taptic Engine. The Quick Actions menus and previews can be invoked with a long press on all iPhones with 3D Touch. This inadvertently means that Apple is going to retire the 3D Touch in favor of Haptic Touch.

That being said, the 3D Touch can still be used on iPhones with iOS 13 and 3D Touch hardware. Some users have reported that they are unable to access the 3D Touch settings on iOS 13 Beta. In all likelihood, it is just a bug and will be ironed out in the upcoming iterations.

It is now pretty evident that Apple will move from 3D Touch to Haptic Touch. A developer by the name, Radek Pietruszewski noticed this first on Webkit commits. Furthermore, he also noted that the respected API’s will be removed in the future iOS version. All of this points at one thing, the entire 2019 iPhone lineup will feature Haptic Touch while the 3D Touch will be retired.

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