Apple Knows That iPad’s Mouse Support Goes beyond Just Accessibility

Magic Mouse 2 charging port

Apple included mouse support as an accessibility option in iPadOS 13, however, it has been met with mixed opinions as the Cupertino company seemingly tried to limit the feature. However, Apple has now acknowledged the demand for proper mouse support.

An Apple director has commented on the matter, in a very un-Apple-like fashion, as the tech giant isn’t known for addressing feedback and concerns of users directly. Apple clearly intended the feature to be used for people with disabilities but in an interview with TechCrunch, Apple’s director of Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives, Sarah Herrlinger, acknowledges that the feature has potential beyond just accessibility:

“Accessibility features can benefit more than the original community they were designed to support,”

She referenced closed captions as an example of a widely used feature that was originally meant for the hard of hearing but has now been accepted as a generally useful feature.

With iOS 7, some people weren’t fans of the new blurry design, so another accessibility feature stepped in to let people disable animations and blur if they so desired.

Hopefully, Apple will allow iPad users to properly connect a mouse in a future update for iPadOS, as the company is pushing the device as a laptop replacement.