Apple Music Hits yet Another Milestone; Eddy Cue Confirms 60-Million Paid Users

Apple Music has hit a new paid subscribers milestone. Apple’s Services VP Eddy Cue told Numerama, a French Publication that Apple now has over 60 million paying users worldwide.

This doesn’t come as a shock, especially since Apple had confirmed 50 million paid subscribers for Apple Music in January this year. Cue told the reporter that Apple is working to better the Apple Music offering across all platforms.

I really appreciate Music in its current state and its next release proves that the service can always be perfected,” says Eddy Cue, who mentions some features of the iOS 13 version of Music: the karaoke mode with lyrics displayed in big on the screen is one of his favorites. “And we’ve entered them for the most part.

Putting things into perspective, Spotify has more than 100 million paid users and Apple is still lagging behind by quite a margin. On the brighter side, in the U.S, Apple Music is reported to have surpassed Spotify with 28 million paid subscribers. That being said Cue didn’t comment on the Apple Music stats for Android users and instead told that Apple Music is the most influential streaming service among Apple devices.

Interestingly Cue also spoke about how Apple Music may mark the death of iTunes.

I worked so much on iTunes and Apple Music, I’m biased! Of course, I’m fond of iTunes, but I think Apple Music is absolutely better in every way. We have something better now and there is no point in looking back.

Our Take

Apple Music is known for its exclusives and this is something that Spotify needs to work on. I have used Apple Music and Spotify for a long period of time on my iPhone. Personally, I feel the Apple Music is better integrated into iOS as opposed to Spotify. Meanwhile, Spotify offers a wide range of playlists and the New Releases tab is particularly useful when it comes to catching up with new music

Apple Music was launched 9-years after Spotify’s debut. Despite the gap, Apple Music is slowly but steadily closing the lead with Spotify. We would love to know your favorite music streaming service? Let us know in the comments below.