Apple Releases New Shot on iPhone XS ‘Experiments III: Cascade’ Video

iPhone Xs Max back

Apple today released a new ‘Shot on iPhone XS’ video under the Experiments series. The original Experiments video showed various water, sound, and light slow-mo effects, while for the second video titled Full Circle, Apple used 32 iPhone XRs mounted on a bullet time right to capture a 360-degree view of fire, dry ice, etc. Apple has now released the third video in the Experiments series titled “Cascade.”

Apple has again collaborated with Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite and WET for the video. This time around, iPhone XS’ were used to capture water in different motion.

Apple has also released a behind the scenes video to give interested folks a look at how everything was shot using the iPhone XS.

The above video makes it clear that while the iPhone XS was used for filming, only professionals and people with excellent photography/cinematography skills can capture such shots and motion using a smartphone. I am not undermining the iPhone XS’ camera here but ultimately, a device is good as the user using it.