Craig Federighi: iPadOS Created Because iPad Offers a ‘Truly Distinct Experience’

The announcement of iPadOS at WWDC’s opening keynote took a lot of people by surprise. After all, many felt that there was no need for Apple to split iOS into iPadOS. However, Craig Federighi, SVP of Software Engineering at Apple, believes that with iPad offering a “truly distinct experience,” iPadOS makes a lot of sense.

Federighi says that the iPad offers an experience that’s different from the iPhone and the Mac. “It’s not an iPhone experience. It’s not a Mac experience. The name is a recognition of that,” he says. Craig himself uses both an iPad and a Mac but personally spends more time in front of this iPad.

When Apple first introduced the iPad, it was an extension of the iPhone. It basically did everything that the iPhone could just on a bigger screen. Over the years though, as the iPad has become more powerful, it has felt held back by its OS. For many, it could become a true laptop replacement if not for the limitations of the OS. With iPadOS, Apple aims to achieve just that. While iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 share the same base, the latter packs a number of features designed for the iPad that help it make a better multitasker.

It will be interesting to see how the iPadOS further evolves from here. Apple could now add a number of features to the OS without worrying about creating a feature disparity with iOS.

[Via CNet]