Gallery: How Dark Mode in iOS 13 Looks Like

iOS 13 comes with plenty of new features but for many, the biggest highlight of the release is going to be the new Dark mode. Apple has finally added a native system-wide Dark mode to the OS which looks stunning on iPhones with an OLED display. Even on the iPhone XR with its Liquid Retina LCD display, Dark mode gives the UI a very refreshed look.

Apple seems to have put a lot of thought into Dark mode in iOS 13. The company has not simply used a black background across iOS as that would have made things difficult to read. Instead, it uses different shades of dark backgrounds to differentiate UI elements from each other and ensure that text is easier to read.

Dark mode in iOS 13 can be triggered either from the Control Center or from Settings -> Display. Apart from triggering it manually, there’s an option to trigger it automatically after sunset or one can set up a custom schedule as well. Below is a gallery showing how iOS 13 looks like with Dark mode enabled.

Dark mode can be enabled from the Control Center…

Or it can be enabled from Settings -> Display & Brightness.

Dark mode can be enabled automatically after sunset or a custom schedule can be specified.

Dark mode in Safari has been thought out properly…

It does not force render websites with a dark background like some other browser.

The new Reminders app in iOS 13.

The Health app looks pretty good with Dark mode enabled.

Some iOS 13 system apps with Dark mode enabled…

Even the App Store gets a Dark theme in iOS 13.

The Files app with Dark mode enabled.

The new Share menu in iOS 13 with Dark mode enabled.

Widgets get a darker background shade to make reading content easier.

Settings app with Dark mode enabled and colorful icons looks eye-catching!

iOS 13 Dark mode

Apple has seeded the first beta of iOS 13 to developers and will be releasing iOS 13 in September.

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