Google Confirms Pixel 4 Design Months Ahead of Release

Google Pixel 4

A couple of days after the first Pixel 4 renders leaked, Google itself has gone ahead and confirmed that its upcoming handset will ship with the same design. It is an unprecedented move by Google or just about any smartphone company to go ahead and confirm the design of their upcoming phone months ahead of its release.

The Pixel 4 renders shared by Google confirm that the massive square camera hump will house with a dual-camera setup, laserAF sensor, and an LED flash. While not mentioned in the tweet, the secondary camera lens is likely an ultra-wide angle shooter which has become commonplace in flagship Android smartphones.

If the renders are legit, it also means that the Pixel 4 will ditch the two-tone back design that Google has been following since the Pixel 2 series. It is an odd move on Google’s part as by confirming the Pixel 4 rear design months ahead of its release, the company is essentially cannibalizing sales of the Pixel 3.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 is also expected to come with a similar squarish camera bump at the rear, though it will house three cameras and now two.

Last year, the Pixel 3 series leaked in extreme details months ahead of its official release. It is possible that Google decided to avoid creating a similar situation this year and confirmed the design of the Pixel 4 itself thereby taking the wind out of further leaks.

Another theory that’s floating around on the internet is that Google seemingly has three different design teams working on the Pixel 4. The company will go with the design that looks the best and the multiple design teams would ensure that the final design does not leak out months ahead of its release. And so, Google is just trolling everyone since it knows that this is not the final design of the Pixel 4. It is unclear how much truth there is to this story.

What are your thoughts on the Pixel 4 design? And Google’s odd move here? Drop a comment and let us know!