Google Maps Will Now Tell You How Crowded Your Bus, Train, Subway Will Be

google mapsYears ago Google solved a major hassle of using public transport by adding Public Transit feature to Google Maps navigation. Now Google Maps has gained yet another noteworthy feature. With the new feature, Google Maps can predict how crowded your bus, train or subway will be at a given time.

Google is using the data from previous rides to predict the crowd. The crowdedness feature is expected to help commuters plan their travel better. Apart from the crowdedness, the feature will also tell you the delay and the ETA for the travel. Google Maps will pinpoint at the exact locations where delay will occur across different transit routes. Apparently, Google has analyzed aggregated and anonymized reports of crowdedness from Google Maps during peak commuting hours (6am-10am.)

Google is planning to roll out the predictions to nearly 200 cities across the world. That apart, Google maps will also be showing live delay information for bus routes even when local agencies are not providing the data for Google. You will come to know whether the bus will be late and how long you need to wait. Google says the travel time predictions are now more accurate. This feature is super useful and will help you plan your travel in advance. Furthermore, you will also get a better idea of when you will arrive at the destination.

[via Google]