Apple HomeKit Now Supports Home Security Cameras and Routers

Apple has announced a slew of new security features for iOS. The app logins are more secure, the maps come with enhanced privacy and Apple claims that all of this is possible without any tracking. The company has also invested its efforts and renewed the HomeKit smart home system with new security features.

HomeKit is a hub/smart home system from which you can control all your accessories. This feature can also be used in tandem with SIRI. Apple has baked in a new feature on the HomeKit and this is designed to work with security cameras. The “HomeKit Secure Video” is capable of analyzing video locally without having to send it over to the cloud. The information is then encrypted and uploaded to the iCloud. The best part is that the analyzed data can be stored for 10 days on cloud and this will not count against your cloud storage quota.

Apple has also extended security features to the routers. With HomeKit on routers, Apple promises to safeguard your network from accessories that are leaking data or from unauthorized access. This is also likely to usher in network segmentation for consumer routers.

Initially, routers from Linksys, Eero, and Spectrum will support the HomeKit feature. HomeKit connects to your home automation system and lets you control all the accessories on a single device. At the moment, Apple supports hundreds of HomeKit accessories including popular ones like Philips Hue, Logitech Circle security camera, ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat and others. If everyone in your house is using an iPhone or iOS device then the HomeKit is one of the best ways to control smart home devices at the tap of the screen.