HomePod Finally Gets Multi User Support and Music Handoff Feature

Apple has finally added one of the most demanded features to HomePod, multi-user support. Starting now, HomePod will learn each users preferences and voice. This helps HomePod create a separate profile for every user in the house.

Next time you use commands like ‘Play my favorites’, the HomePod will play your favorite music. If any other member of your family uses the same command, then the HomePod will play their favorite music. Apart from Music, the personalization also extends to other apps like Apple Music, Messages, Notes, and Reminders.

The multi-user support also supports personal requests. If you ask ‘Read my latest message’, then the HomePod will dive into your personal data and read out your favorite message. You can also use personal requests to bring up your latest appointments. If you value privacy above all, then you can also switch off the personal request completely.

Apple’s HomePod update will support music handoff feature. This lets you switch the playlist from iPhone to HomePod. For instance, you step into your house and want to move audio from iPhone to the HomePod, all you need to do is bring the iPhone closer to the HomePod and Voila! The playlist is now transferred to your HomePod.

Other prominent HomePod features include the ability to Search for music by lyrics, Play music by mood and play your favorite podcast.