iOS 13 Beta 2 vs iOS 12.3.1 Speed Test

When Apple unveiled iOS 13 beta 1 earlier this month, it claimed some impressive performance improvements especially with regards to app opening times. However, as speed test videos showed, there was no noticeable performance improvement offered by iOS 13 beta 1 when compared to iOS 12.3.

Has the story changed with the release of iOS 13 beta 2? Is there any noticeable performance improvement when compared to the first beta? As the below video shows, iOS 13 beta 2 running on iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 do not offer any noticeable speed improvements when compared to iOS 12.3.

This is not really surprising since the faster app launch times promised by Apple will only be visible once third-party apps are updated for iOS 13. However, the performance improvements should have been visible with Apple’s own system apps but even that’s not the case as of now.

It is likely that as Apple releases more beta updates of iOS 13, we should see some performance improvements. Even then though, I don’t think iOS 13 is going to offer the same level of performance improvement as iOS 12. At best, we are going to see slightly faster app loading times but given by what current speed tests show, even that will be limited to certain scenarios and apps.

Unlike iOS 12, do not expect iOS 13 to magically improve the performance of your old iPhone. On the plus side though, Apple at least managed to ensure that despite packing so many features, iOS 13 does not slow down older iPhones like before.