iOS 13: How to Repeat or Shuffle Songs in Music App on iPhone

Repeat and Shuffle Buttons Music iOS 13

It feels like moving the Repeat and Shuffle buttons in the Music app is Jony Ive’s personal sadistic pass time. Ever since Apple redesigned the Music app with the modern iOS design in iOS 10, it can’t seem to decide where to put these darn Shuffle and Repeat buttons. Now, 3 years later, Apple has moved them yet again. And just to keep things interesting, made them tiny as well. Here’s how to find the Repeat and Shuffle buttons in iOS 13 Music app.

Repeat and Shuffle Songs in iOS 13’s Music App on iPhone

There’s a good reason why Apple moved these buttons. Apple has redesigned the whole Now Playing screen in iOS 13. iOS 10 introduced the scrolling panel. This is where all options and the Up Next queue were hidden below the scroll (and there was no indication to the user that this was, in fact, a scrollable screen).

Find Repeat Shuffle Buttons Music iOS 13 App 1

Thankfully, the scrollable screen is gone. That’s one less frustration to deal with (or one less thing to explain your parents and less tech-savvy friends).

Apple now has three buttons at the bottom. The left and right buttons essentially behave as tabs. The left button brings up the new synced lyrics view. While the right button is for the Up Next.

Find Repeat Shuffle Buttons Music iOS 13 App 2

Yes, Up Next now has a dedicated section. It basically replaces the cover art of the song when the button is pressed.

Now, Up Next queue takes up the majority of the screen (and that’s fair). So where does Apple put the Repeat and Shuffle buttons? It’s the two tiny gliphs in grey next to the text that says Up Next. I’ve highlighted it in the screenshot below so you don’t need to squint.

Find Repeat Shuffle Buttons iOS 13

Tap on the Shuffle button and the queue will shuffle instantly. You can tap on the Repeat button to repeat the album and then tap again just to repeat the song. When you do have Shuffle or Repeat enabled and you go back to the cover view, the Up Next button will update with a small Repeat icon in the top-right (which, I admit, is a nice touch).

Then again, Apple could have just put these two buttons next to the AirPlay button at the bottom of the screen (but at least we now have one more thing to put in our iOS 14 wishlist).

So that is where you’ll find the Repeat and Shuffle buttons in iOS 13 Music app. Between a rock and a hard place.

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What do you think about the new place for the Repeat and Shuffle buttons in iOS 13? Do you think they are at their final resting place? Or will Apple move them yet again in iOS 15? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.