iOS 13 Will Warn Users When Deleting Apps with Active Subscription

With iOS 13 beta 2, Apple has made one little change that will help people who subscribe to a lot of apps and services. If you delete an app with an active subscription from the iOS 13 beta 2 home screen, a prompt will show up informing you about the subscription.

You can either select the “Keep” action in the prompt and not delete the app or tap on “Manage subscription” to go ahead and cancel the subscription. The prompt will also inform you the next date on which the subscription will be renewed.

Remember that you can use apps with an active subscription on other iOS devices. If you have a lot of apps with an active subscription, this feature in iOS 13 is going to be a godsend for you. Google already does something similar in Android so it is nice to see Apple include this feature in iOS as well. It is unclear if this feature will also make its way to macOS Catalina or not. The Beta 2 release of the OS does not have any similar feature.

Apple had made it easier to manage app subscriptions with the iOS 12.1.4 update earlier this year where it added the Manage Subscriptions option in the App Store for users to easily manage their active subscriptions.

Do you think there’s something else that Apple could do to further make it easier to manage app subscriptions in iOS? If so, what? Drop a comment and let us know!