iPhones Running iOS 13 Will Be Able to Read NFC Tags in German ID Cards

German ID card

Apple is opening up NFC with iOS 13 on all iPhones and iPads. Once September arrives and iPhone users in Germany upgrade their device to iOS 13, they would be able to scan their German ID cards using their iPhone.

The list of German ID cards includes residence permits, biometric passports, national ID cards, and more. Additionally, the German government will also update its AusweisApp2 app for iOS 13 and add digital ID function to it.

It was already previously reported that iPhones will also be able to scan and read NFC tags in Japanese ID cards and British passports.

Apple had limited NFC functionality on iPhones due to security concerns. It only used the NFC reader inside iPhones for Apple Pay. However, with iOS 13, Apple is expanding the use of NFC reader inside iPhones to third-party apps.

Developers are still going to need prior approval from Apple and cannot release any such app directly on the App Store though. Nonetheless, this move from Apple is likely going to get a lot of government and companies around the world to update their app to take advantage of the iPhone’s NFC capabilities.

[Via iPhone-ticker]