macOS Catalina Completely Kills Dashboard

macOS Dashboard Catalina

Apple did not just kill iTunes with macOS Catalina. It also killed another relatively rarely used macOS feature: Dashboard. Apple disabled Dashboard by default in macOS starting with the release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite. However, the feature could always be enabled after a bit of prodding and poking in the System Preferences.

With Catalina though, Apple has removed all traces of the Dashboard from macOS. The feature cannot be enabled as a part of Mission Control and even using some Terminal commands to force enable the Dashboard no longer works. The Dashboard shortcut in the Applications view also points to a blank icon just the iTunes shortcut which is basically another confirmation of the feature being killed completely.

The death of Dashboard in macOS Catalina is unlikely to bother most Mac users. The feature was depreciated by Apple in Yosemite because it was rarely being used and did not add much to the user experience. Apple later introduced Notification Center to macOS and added the ability to add widgets to it which is what Dashboard was primarily used for.

[Via Appleosophy]