Patch for macOS Mojave to Fix Boot Camp Issues on Fusion Drive Macs Released

Apple has finally fixed a big issue on macOS Mojave Boot Camp. The issue affected iMac and Mac Mini machines using a Fusion Drive. With the patch in place, iMac and Mac mini users can use Boot Camp on their system.

BootCamp Installer

Boot Camp is Apple’s native tool that allows users to install Windows on the same machine as the macOS. The tool lets you run Windows as and when required and switch back to macOS. This feature is a savior for all the users who want to use dual operating systems.

Third-party apps like Parallel offer similar functionality, but unlike Boot Camp, they make use of a virtual machine. The experience of using Windows on Boot Camp is identical to using it on a separate machine. As mentioned earlier, the Boot Camp installation was being blocked on some iMac and Mac mini computers with Fusion Drive and Apple has fixed the issue now.

Apple has issued a small Boot Camp update for macOS Mojave 10.14.5 users. According to the release notes, “This update addresses an issue which prevents the creation of a new Boot Camp partition on iMac and Mac mini with Fusion Drive.” The update is lite at 1.9MB and shouldn’t really take much time to install. Try using Boot Camp after installing the update, you should be good to go. The latest version of the Boot Camp release can be downloaded from here.