Carry Your PS4 Games in Pocket with iOS 13 and Sony’s Remote Play App

Earlier this week, Apple announced that iOS 13 and the new iPadOS will support both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S gaming controllers. This is a big deal not only for iOS users but also for Sony’s Remote Play app users on iOS.

In a bid to allow iOS users to access console games, Sony had launched the Remote Play app in March this year. The app allowed PlayStation users to stream game over Wi-Fi when away from the console. While the stream quality was commendable, the controls fell short. The touchscreen controls lacked full support for select buttons and this left the users in the fray.

With the latest announcement, your iOS 13 device will double up as a portable PS4. You can access all the PS4 controls including console dashboard, store, and user profiles on iPhone/iPad. Thats not all, you can even use the iPhone/iPad mic as input to talk to your friends during a multiplayer session.

As expected, not all games are currently supported. However, iOS 13 users will still be able to play console games right on their iPhone/iPad. That being said I just wished the Remote Play App would allow game streaming via a mobile connection. The support for Xbox One S controller and DualShock 4 is also expected to help other game offerings. For instance, you can use Valve app to stream your games to the iPhone or iPad, provided that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is working on its Xbox game streaming app for iOS. Once this arrives, iOS 13 users will also be able to stream Xbox games on their devices. It is also worth noting that Apple is finally warming up to gaming ecosystems. The company is also aggressive about the Apple Arcade and thus supports Xbox One S and DualShock 4 controllers for tvOS.

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