watchOS 6 Will Allow Apple Watch Users to Uninstall System Apps

Starting with watchOS 6, Apple will allow Apple Watch users to delete pre-installed system apps. This functionality is currently missing from the watchOS 6 beta build released by Apple.

Apple added the ability to remove stock system apps on iPhones and iPads with iOS 11. With the final release of watchOS 6, the company plans on bringing this feature to the Apple Watch as well.

The number of system apps in Apple Watch has only increased over the years. In fact, watchOS 6 itself adds a number of new apps like Voice Memos, Audiobooks, Calculator, and more. This only leads to the honeycomb app drawer of the Apple Watch getting a bit more crowded which could confuse users.

As per TechCrunch, the final release of watchOS 6 will allow one to delete system apps like Walkie-Talkie, Beathe, World Clock, Timer, Alarm, and more. However, core system apps like iMessage and Heart Rate cannot be uninstalled.

The process to uninstall system apps will remain the same as third-party ones: press and hold their icon in the app drawer and then tap the ‘X’ that pops up.

Apple is setting up App Store pagegs of all the pre-loaded apps in watchOS 6 so that users can download it from the App Store if they need them again after uninstalling it.

watchOS 6 will bring a dedicated App Store to the Apple Watch which would reduce its reliance on the iPhone for installing apps. This dedicated App Store coupled with the new APIs in watchOS 6 should help in the app ecosystem for the wearable to flourish.

[Via TechCrunch]