WhatsApp Is Testing a New Feature That Lets You Share Status to Facebook, Other Apps

WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that allows its users to share posts from WhatsApp status with other apps. The WhatsApp beta group will get the sharing option via a button below the status. With the help of the new feature, you can share WhatsApp status across Facebook or Instagram.

Interestingly, WhatsApp Status was inspired by Instagram stories. WhatsApp Statuses are live for 24 hours only post which they disappear. That being said, WhatsApp is not directly linking your account with Facebook and Instagram. Instead, it will use the data sharing APIs on both Android and iOS. Even if you share WhatsApp Status on Facebook or Instagram, it will still count as a separate event and will not be linked in the system.

As of now, WhatsApp’s new status sharing feature will not share any data directly with Facebook. However, once Facebook creates an advanced backend common to all the three services things may get murky. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 and the latter had promised no user data will be shared with Facebook. However, WhatsApp backtracked and started sharing data with Facebook in 2014. Three years later, the company was fined $122 million by the European Commission for misleading regulators before the acquisition.

WhatsApp status was first launched in 2017 and the feature got some great traction. As of now, WhatsApp Status is used by 500 million users daily and is also slated to become the first place to get WhatsApp ads in 2020.

[via The Verge]