2020 Apple Watch Could Ship with Superior microLED Display

Apple Watch Marge Band

Apple is reportedly working with two Taiwanese companies to switch to microLED displays on the Apple Watch in 2020. Rumors of Apple switching over to microLED panels on the Apple Watch have been floating around for almost two years now.

Apple is seemingly in talks with Taiwanese companies Yuchuang and Sic Bo. The Cupertino currently sources OLED panels for the Apple Watch from LG Displays. If Apple ends up going with either of the Taiwanese suppliers, it would be the first time that the company has switched to a Taiwanese display supplier instead of relying on its long-term Korean display partners like Samsung and LG.

Both Taiwanese companies refused to confirm that they are in touch with Apple over microLED displays, though Sui Bao did say that it is in contact with the US smartwatch industry. Both companies will have their facilities ready to mass produce microLED panels by the end of this year.

Apple is seemingly working on developing the microLED technology on its own, and it is only looking for a manufacturing partner to mass-produce the panels.

Our Take

microLED panels are expected to be more power-efficient than OLED panels. This would be especially important in a wearable like the Apple Watch where battery life is very important. Other key advantages of microLED panels are that its thinner, lighter, and offer higher brightness levels than OLED panels.

It is rumored that once Apple starts using microLED panels on the Apple Watch, it would then slowly adopt them on its iPhone lineup as well.

[Via Economic News Daily]