2020 iPhones to Feature a Smaller Notch

iPhone Xs Max front

If the latest investor note of reputed and reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is to be believed, Apple will reduce the size of the notch on its 2020 iPhones. The company is planning on using a smaller front camera system for the 2020 iPhones which would help reduce the size of the notch and increase the screen-to-bezel ratio.

Additionally, the analyst believes that Apple will be using a 7P lens for the rear camera of the 2020 iPhones. This should help improve the overall image quality, though the margin of improvement will depend on the quality of the lens used.

The report also claims that by 2021, Apple will get rid of the notch completely and instead switch to in-display fingerprint technology. This seems a bit odd as Apple has invested heavily in its TrueDepth camera system and a number of features in iOS rely on it. However, for Apple to release a truly notch-less iPhone, it would have to come up with a breakthrough technology to hide the TrueDepth camera components below the display.

A number of Chinese Android OEMs have already started releasing phones without a notch using novel tech like pop-up camera, flip camera, and more. Once the in-display camera technology is ready, most major OEMs will jump on the bandwagon to release true full-view smartphones.

The reduction of the notch would mean that the 2020 iPhones would feature a new design. This is something that other rumors have also claimed regarding the 2020 iPhones. The company is expected to refresh its iPhone lineup in 2020 with new display sizes and switch entirely to OLED displays. It is also expected to launch at least two iPhone variants with 5G. Given such major changes, it is almost a given that the 2020 iPhones will feature a new external design.

It looks like the 2020 iPhone lineup is shaping up to be a major release with some major external changes. Are you looking forward to its release?

[Via MyDrivers]