Apple Could Use 120Hz ProMotion OLED Display on 2020 iPhone

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Apple is known to use the best possible OLED and LCD panels on its devices. For the last two years, the iPhone X and iPhone XS have taken the crown of the Best Smartphone Display after their launch. It looks like in a bid to improve the display and UI experience further, Apple is planning to switch to 120Hz display on its 2020 iPhone lineup.

Apple already ships its iPad Pro lineup with 120Hz ProMotion display. The higher refresh rate of the display on these tablets makes them feel notably smoother to use when compared to other devices in the market with a 60Hz refresh rate. The switch to a 120Hz OLED panel on the 2020 iPhone lineup would be a step in the right direction and help improve the overall smoothness of these devices.

120Hz OLED panel would end up putting a lot of stress on the battery life of the 2020 iPhone though, so it is possible that similar to its iPad lineup, Apple will dynamically adjust the screen’s refresh rate to save power. The use of a higher refresh rate panel will also help reduce the touch latency which should further help in improving the overall UI smoothness.

The source of this leak is renowned for his Samsung leaks, so I would recommend that you take this tip with a pinch of salt. This is the first time that we are hearing about Apple ditching considering 120Hz OLED panel on its 2020 iPhones. So far, analysts and leaks have pointed to the 2020 iPhone featuring 5G connectivity, three new different display size, and more.

With 5G connectivity likely to put additional stress on the battery, I am not too optimistic about Apple switching to 120Hz OLED displays on its 2020 iPhone lineup.