Apple Expands iPhone Privacy Marketing Campaign to Germany By Putting Up Billboards

Apple has expanded its privacy campaign to Germany where it has put up billboards with some witty lines related to privacy and highlighting just how secure an iPhone is. This is a continuation of Apple’s marketing campaign which it started by putting up a “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone” billboard outside the Las Vegas Convention Center where CES 2019 took place.

The Cupertino company then expanded it to Canada by placing billboards in King Street and Sidewalk Toronto HQ. Following that same trend, Apple has now expanded the marketing to Germany where it has placed new billboards in key locations in Hamberg and Berlin.

The billboard at the Port of Hamburg reads “The Gateway to the World. Not for your Information.” The one at Hamberg reads “Reveals as little about Hamburgers as Hamburger.”

Another billboard in Berlin reads “Welcome to the safe sector.” All three billboards also carry the tag line, “Privacy. This is iPhone.” In addition to these billboards, Apple has also released a privacy-focused ad for Germany. It is similar to the ad that Apple had previously released in the US.

Apple has always put a lot of stress on user privacy but it is only over the last year or so that it has started highlighting it via its marketing campaign. Despite some major privacy bugs being discovered in recent times, the security and privacy offered by an iPhone remains its key strength compared to the competition.

[Via Macerkopf]