Apple Patents Headphones That Can be Worn Both Ways

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published 42 new patents from Apple. One of the patents pertains to over-the-ear headphones by Apple. The unique feature of this headphone is that it is capable of detecting orientation and shutting itself off when the sensors detect the user is no longer present.

Apple’s patent talks about over-the-ear headphones which will adjust to your ears no matter how you put it. Typically headphone cups are marked ‘Right’ and ‘Left’. Wearing the headphones wrongly will result in a misfit and a lacking listening experience.

Apple’s patent shows off a pair of headphones that can be worn by the user in any orientation. Meanwhile, the earphones are equipped to automatically adjust the audio so that the right and the left audio are played as expected. It is worth noting that Apple did something similar to the lightning connector. No matter which way you insert it simply works.


The patent was first filed in Q3 2018 and is published today. Earlier this year the Cupertino company applied for a headphone patent that detailed collapsible design to fit inside a headphone carrying case. In this patent, Apple talks about orientation sensors which will determine whether or not the headphones are worn over the years, if not then the headphones are shut down to save power.

In this case, the sensors are used to determine which ear cup of a pair of headphones is positioned on which ear of a user. The resulting information is then used to divide stereophonic audio signals over the left and the right ear cups. Apple’s headphone patent is aimed at offering added convenience to the users just like the collapsible design patent and the lightning connector that was introduced years ago.