Apple Updates MacBook Air with True Tone, Lowers Price to $1,099

Apple today announced a price cut for its Retina MacBook Air lineup. The revised pricing means the new MacBook Air starts from $1,099 instead of its usual price of $1299.

Students can get a further discount of $100 which brings the price of the laptop down to $999. Additionally, Apple has updated the lineup to add True Tone to it. The feature first debuted on the iPad before making its way to the iPhone and MacBook lineup.

The MacBook Air lineup continues to come with Intel’s 8th generation Core processors and have not received any other meaningful internal changes.

The price cut makes a lot of sense as the Retina MacBook Air was heavily criticized for its high price tag when it was initially refreshed by Apple last year.

If you have purchased a Retina MacBook Air in the last week or two, you can contact the retailer (Amazon/Apple) to get a refund of the extra money that you have paid.

The updated MacBook Air is also a part of Apple’s Back to School promotion under which students, parents, school staff can get the device with education discount and free Beats headphones.