Apple Reduces SSD Upgrade Pricing for Macs Across the Board

Apart from refreshing the Retina MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro lineup, Apple has also reduced the SSD upgrade pricing for its Mac lineup across the board.

Across the board, Apple seems to have reduced the SSD upgrade pricing by $200. For higher-end 4TB upgrades, the price cut is massive and around $1,200 mark in some cases.

For the MacBook Pro lineup, the 1TB SSD upgrade used to cost $600. That has now come down to $400. Similarly, the 2TB and 4TB upgrade options have gone down to $800 and $1600 from their original pricing of $1200 and $3000.

The MacBook Air lineup storage upgrade options have also been streamlined apart from getting a price cut. The 1.5TB upgrade option has been replaced with a 1TB upgrade option which is now priced at $400.

The iMac Pro’s 2TB SSD upgrade option has been reduced by $200, with the 4TB upgrade option getting a price cut by $1200.

Apple has always been criticized for the SSD upgrade pricing for its Mac lineup. The company has been known to charge an insane amount of money for even basic SSD storage upgrades. However, after the deductions, Apple’s SSD upgrade pricing is inline with other OEMs.