Apple Watch Saves yet Another Life by Warning the Man of Heart Problems

Another day, another life! Apple Watch seems to be getting in the habit of saving lives. We have yet another incident wherein the Apple Watch helped a 48-year old man from the U.K save his life. Paul Hutton was alerted of low heartbeats and as a result, he got the surgery done.

Hutton noted that his heart rate regularly dropped between 40bpm. The normal resting heart rate is 60-100bpm and 40bpm was way below the minimum. Thankfully, Hutton took the decision to consult his doctor who in turn suggested a major surgery. He was diagnosed with ventricular bigeminy, a condition in which heart beats irregularly. As a final resort, Hutton underwent a three-hour surgical process to reverse the problem.

Recently we saw how Apple Watch helped a user in distress call Emergency Service while saving himself from drowning. That apart we have also read accounts of Paul Harrison who was alerted of impending heart conditions and decided to go for major surgery.

Our Take

One could easily compile a book detailing incidents wherein Apple Watch came to the rescue of the users. Doctors are split whether the ECG on new Apple Watch 4 is accurate or not. However, the ECG feature on the Watch has helped save many lives. It seems like Apple Watch users are proactively checking their vitals and most of them take preemptive measures.

Before the era of fitness tracker and smartwatches, one had to book an appointment to the clinic to get ECG checked. Now Apple Watch users can keep an eye on the same and show the reports to the Doctor. Moreover, the data is collected 24×7, 365 days a year, unlike the clinical tests. That being said, the Apple Watch may not be as accurate as clinical-grade devices, however, it still lets you get a rough idea of your health and fitness. It goes without a doubt that Apple Watch is helping its users keep a tab on the health and take preventive measures.

[via Telegraph]