Apple Watch SOS Emergency Feature Saves User from Drowning after Jet Ski Accident

Apple Watch has received accolades for saving lives many times. Last time around an Apple Watch alerted a user about his heart condition and thus he consulted doctors and finally opted for open heart surgery. In a recent turn of events, Apple Watch user has claimed that Emergency SOS service helped him from drowning after a jet ski accident.

Philip Esho was riding a jet ski in Lake Michigan and a wave toppled him. As a result of the impact, he and his phone went into the water.

Phillip Esho said he was riding a jet ski from the 31st Street Harbor to McCormick Place to take pictures of the Chicago skyline, when a big wave flipped over his jet ski and knocked him and his phone into the water.

Esho said his phone was lost and people in nearby boats couldn’t see or hear him calling for help as the waves kept knocking him under the surface even though he was wearing a flotation device.

Thankfully Esho was wearing an Apple Watch. He used Apple Watch’s Emergency SOS feature and contacted the emergency services. Then the emergency services reacted promptly and Esho was soon greeted by a helicopter accompanied by Chicago Police Fireboats.

Esho later wondered what would have happened if he was not able to call 911 using Apple Watch. He also explained that te situation was getting dangerous by the minute with the high waves pushing him inside the surface.

Our Take

We have heard numerous stories of how Apple Watch ECG, Heart Rate feature, Fall Detection or even call feature has saved lives. Furthermore, Apple Watch has also helped people tackle dangerous situations. It goes without saying that Apple Watch is one of the most comprehensive devices offering the perfect blend of fitness and smartwatch features.

[via WBBM]