AT&T Is the First Major US Carrier to Act on FCC Ruling and Block Robocalls by Default

In the recent past Robocalls have literally become a menace. Americans received a staggering 3.4 billion robocalls in a single month. Recently, FCC ruled that carriers can block robocall on behalf of their customers without having to opt-in. Following the new rule, AT&T has now announced that it will enable Call Protect Service by default and block robocalls “in the coming months.”

AT&T’s Call Protect Service isn’t exactly new. It has been around for a while and is a free service for postpaid customers. However, users had to download an app and register themselves for the service.  Starting now the service will automatically be enabled on all AT&T connections and will weed out robocalls. That being said, AT&T will still allow customers to opt out of the Call Protect Service.

AT&T’s Call Protect Service works by detecting and blocking fraudulent calls. The system also earmarks telemarkets and spam calls as “Suspected Spam.” Additionally, you can also create and enforce your very own block list. As mentioned earlier AT&T is the first major US carrier to enable the Call Protect Service by default. In all likelihood, other carriers will follow suit, especially with the FCC ruling in place.

Our Take

It is not just FCC and mobile carriers who are fighting against the menace of robocalls. Apple announced a new feature that is capable of sending incoming calls to the voicemail if it is from an unknown number. The feature works by searching for the number in your email and texts. If the number is not found the call is automatically routed to voicemail.

The joint efforts by all the stakeholders should hopefully put an end to robocalls and spam calls in the near future. What do you do to ward off unwanted calls? Let us know in the comments below.