These Diamond-Encrusted AirPods Cost $20,000

The AirPods with its $129 price tag and unique design already stands out in the wireless Bluetooth headphone market. However, if you want something even more unique, you might want to check out the diamond-encrusted AirPods from designer Ian Delucca.

Part of the designer’s “New Materialism” series, the diamond-encrusted AirPods aim to “seamlessly fuse the worlds of art and commerce together.” You need to have deep pockets to buy these AirPods though since they are priced at $20,000 each. One can get over 155 regular AirPods in the same amount of money!

For an even more premium feel, these AirPods also come bundled with a marble stand for charging. These are limited run AirPods with only 25 units available. So if you have deep pockets and are interested in them, you might want to consider pulling the trigger on them soon.

The AirPods have been cast in white gold and adorned with 1,0000 individual VVS natural, mined diamonds. Each set is inscribed with an edition number and creation date and comes with a marble stand for charging.

There’s no word on whether the additional weight of the diamonds on the AirPods will create any kind of ergonomic issue or not. Nonetheless, given when one is ready to spend $20,000 on a pair of AirPods, I doubt they would be thinking about its ergonomics.

If you are interested in buying these AirPods, you can contact the designer Ian Delucca directly on Instagram.