Dr. Mario World Now Available on iOS and Android

Nintendo has released its latest title, Dr. Mario World a day earlier. The latest smartphone game was scheduled to be launched on July 10th, however, the download link went active a day earlier for iOS users and Android users.

If you are someone who loved Dr. Mario World on NES, be ready for some nasty surprise. Apparently, the gameplay on Nintendo’s new title is different from the original NES game. Furthermore, Nintendo has implemented the freemium model in such a way that timers are set to impose a time limit on gameplay. Users need to buy in-game currencies to remove the time limit and for other features like unlocking new characters and upgrading your roster. That being said, such restrictions are typical with any free to start game.

Dr. Mario World involves matching capsules with viruses in order to clear them. The gameplay seems like a combination of Candy Crush and Tetris. However, you will still be able to choose from Nintendo characters including Peach, Bowser, Koopa, Troopa, and Goomba. It is worth noting that every character comes with a specific set of skills that can be used to wipe out the viruses.

As of now, Dr. Mario World comes with 100 stages spread across different worlds. Nintendo says that it will update the game with new worlds and features. Nintendo has also baked in a multiplayer mode which lets you play against family and friends. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Mario World is free to start game with optional purchases. Please note that the game is not available in some regions like India. Is Dr. Mario World available for download in your region? Let us know in the comments below.