Flighty is a Beautiful Flight Tracking App for iPhone with Smart Notifications

If you’re a frequent flier, you need a flight tracking app to ease some of the stress of flying. While you can budget your time and take all precautions, flight delays, gate changes, and cancellations happen way too often. A flight-tracking app makes things easier. Flighty is a new flight tracking app made by flight nerds, for flight nerds.

Flighty: The Ultimate Flight Tracking App

What sets Flighty apart from most flight tracking apps on the App Store is its design and the priority notifications. Flighty has been in development over the past two years, with constant input from flight nerds and it shows. The app’s UI is simple but highly readable. It follows the same design as Apple Maps app, with the map on the top, and a drawer at the bottom that shows all your flights.

Tap on a flight and you’ll see detailed information including landing time, take off time, arrival forecast, the current location of the flight, the detailed timeline, the airplane’s details, airline details, and the full record of changes.

The basic flight tracking features are available for free (without ads). You can add and track as many flights as you like. But if you sign up for their premium plan ($8.99/month), you’ll get access to the detailed timeline, arrival forecast, current status of the flight and more.

One of the best features of Flighty has nothing to do with the UI. As a frequent flyer, what you need most is up-to-date info on a flight. And flighty promises to deliver it using push notifications. Flighty’s network delivers the fastest notifications across the globe in seconds. And they are worded clearly and deliver the important information (without indulging in the marketing speak that most airline messages usually do).

Another way that Flighty sets itself apart is by predicting delays and providing a clear reason for it. Flighty monitors your flight for 25 hours before takeoff, which is the number one cause of delay. For US flights, Flighty also monitors FAA Mandated delays.

Lastly, Flighty app is incredibly simple to use. There are no menus, sidebars, nothing. Just add a flight, at on it, scroll to see all information, that’s it.

Download: Flighty (Free)

Do You Use A Flight Tracker?

Do you use a flight tracker when you fly? Are you a frequent flyer? Do you plan on switching to Flighty? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.