iOS 13 Introduces a Cool New ‘FaceTime Attention Correction’ Feature

iOS 13

Apple has added a new FaceTime Attention Correction feature in iOS 13 Beta 3 which gives the impression to the recipient of the video call that the person is looking at them and towards the front camera when they are actually looking at the center of the screen.

Depending on what you prefer, this feature is borderline cool or creepy. The FaceTime Attention Correction feature is only available on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. While it is clear that it relies on the TrueDepth camera system of the handset to work properly, it is unclear why it is not available on the iPhone XR and the iPhone X.

It is possible that we will see Apple expand this feature to other Face ID-enabled iPhones and iPads in future iOS 13 beta releases. The feature does show up on the 11-inch iPad Pro but just does not work which likely hints that Apple just needs more time to further polish it.

Developer Mike Rundle had actually predicted that this feature would be coming to iPhones sometime in the future back in 2017 itself. Thankfully, if you find this feature creepy, you can disable it from Settings -> FaceTime. The feature is also likely not going to work properly for users who wear glasses.

What do you think about the FaceTime Attention Correction feature? Cool or creepy?