Lockdown Brings An On-Device Open Source Firewall to iPhone and iPad

The makers of the open source VPN app, ConfirmedVPN have a new app for iPhone and iPad: Lockdown. This new iOS VPN app brings an on-device open source firewall to iOS devices. It uses Apple’s VPN structure to automatically block scripts, trackers and any domain you want.

Create Your Own Local Firewall with Lockdown

While Lockdown works as a VPN app, it has no real VPN features. At least, not yet. The app doesn’t function as a proxy to hide your traffic or internet activity (although that feature is coming later). Right now, it only uses the VPN feature to block certain websites and trackers on your device.

Once activated, you can add any domain and the Lockdown app will block it. At first glance, this looks similar to a Content Blocker. Why would you use a VPN when a content blocker can work in the same way? The reason is that a content blocker is limited to Safari, while a VPN works across the device.

So when you enable the ad tracker blockers and Facebook blockers, you’ll disable intrusive ads in third-party apps like Flipboard as well as in Safari.

After enabling the VPN, you can go to the Configure Block List section to enable some presets. You can disable Crypto Mining, Facebook SDK, Facebook Inc, Marketing Scripts and Email Opens trackers. The app will add more trackers (for companies like Google) in the future.

Download (Free)

Should You Install Lockdown?

Lockdown is the first app of its kind on the App Store. It’s completely free, is open-source and has a clear privacy policy. As of now, all the processing happens on the device so even though it’s using VPN, none of your data is going to the company’s servers (or at least, that is what the company says).

Overall, ConfirmedVPN is a trusted company, with transparent policies and third-party audits. It’s great that they are providing this firewall service to iPhone and iPad users, for free. If you’re privacy conscious and you were looking for a simple and free way to stop online trackers not just in Safari but across iOS, you should give the Lockdown app a try.

What do you think of the Lockdown app? Are you going to try it out or will you wait till they add more filters and support for popular blocker scripts? Share with us in the comments below.