Indian Made Apple iPhone XR and XS Will Hit the Market Next Month

Earlier today we reported that Apple is all set to export older gen iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 from India to the European market. A new report from Reuters believes that the latest iPhone XR and XS that will be assembled in India and will hit the stores next month.

The report says that currently some of the approvals are pending but the Indian made iPhone XR and XS are expected to be available starting from August. Apple and Foxconn refrained from commenting. Meanwhile, Foxconn’s newest facility located in Southern India’s Tamil Nadu will start assembling iPhone X starting from this year.

Our Take

Apple’s sales in India is nothing to write home about. iPhones in India sell at a much higher price thanks to custom duties and other taxes. This is one of the many reasons that Apple has not exactly been able to make a mark in India. That being said, as a brand Apple still commands a premium in India and with localized production should drive the prices down.

Apple might finally be able to sell more iPhones in India by meeting the local sourcing norms. That apart the company is also expected to open Apple Store in India and this is expected to drive the sales further up. Apple accounts for less than 1% of the smartphone share in India, a market that is dominated by Samsung and Xiaomi.

With the trade wars looming large, Apple recently decided that it will move production outside of China. It looks like Apple is keen on moving its production to India, the world’s second largest smartphone market.

[via Reuters]