Poll: How Is iOS 13 Beta 4? Is It Still Buggy?

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Last week, Apple released iOS 13 beta 4 to the public. While the first few beta releases of iOS 13 were a bit buggy, the latest beta build seems to bring about some major improvements in terms of bug fixes and stability improvements.

When Apple released the first iOS 12 beta last year, many were surprised with just how stable and bug-free it was. This year though, most users who upgraded to the initial iOS 13 beta were in for a rude shock with the sheer number of bugs it had. The second and third beta builds were no better in this regard and left a number of critical bugs unresolved.

Since iOS 13 is a massive update in terms of features, it does make sense that the initial beta builds of the OS are buggy. In comparison, iOS 12 packed relatively fewer features and focused more on speed improvements which is why it makes sense as to why its initial beta builds were relatively bug-free.

While iOS 13 beta 4 has fixed a number of bugs, it is still not good enough for use as a daily driver. Some of the lingering bugs make the device very frustrating to use and hamper usability. The good thing is that with the public release of iOS 13 a couple of months away, Apple is now likely focusing only on bug fixes and the next few beta builds of iOS 13 should be a major step up in terms of stability.

How has your experience with iOS 13 beta 4? Has it resolved all the deal-breaking bugs for you? Or there are still a few left? Take part in our poll below and drop a comment to let us know!