Apple Seeks Tariff Exclusion on Mac Pro Parts Imported from China

Last month, Apple moved Mac Pro production to China despite the escalating trade wars. Now the company has approached Trump administration asking to exclude components for Mac Pro from import tariffs.

Apple is seeking the administration not to impose 25% duties on Mac Pro parts including a stainless steel frame, internal cables, circuit boards as per the filings by the Office of U.S Trade Representative.

As part of the process, the filings will be opened up for public comment and reviewed thereafter. The U.S Government has excluded Apple products like the Apple Watch and AirPods from import tariffs. President Donald Trump has mentioned earlier that parts which can only be obtained in China and are not strategically important to Chinese industrial programs will not face a tariff. On the other hand, Trump had also said that the U.S will impose a tariff on imported aluminum and steel. Additionally, Apple is also seeking duty exclusions on Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.

Apple is shifting Mac Pro production from Texas to China. The new Mac Pro is going on sale later this year and is priced starting at $5999. A quick recap, the new Mac Pro sports an Intel Xeon processor with as much as 28 cores that get a whole 300 watts dedicated to them. The Mac Pro can be updated to as much as 1.5TB RAM thanks to the 6 memory channels that support up to 12 DIMM modules clocked at up to 2933MHz. Furthermore, PCIe expansion will let you use existing PC hardware with the new Mac Pro.

[via Bloomberg]