Biographer Walter Isaacson Recalls How Steve Jobs Was Critical of Tim Cook

Steve Jobs was not exactly known as a people person, yet he managed to sell his ideas so well to the world. “Steve Jobs” biographer was on Squawk Now this week and detailed his experience interviewing Steve Jobs for the biography. He went on to reveal that Jobs was open in criticizing Tim Cook and described him as “Not a Product Person.”

Talking to Squawk Box, Isaacson said that “Sometimes Steve, when he was in pain and it was problematic and he, he was angry, he would say more things than [Cook] was not a product person. I felt I would put in the specific things that were relevant to the reader but not the complaints.”

It is worth noting that Steve had handpicked Tim Cook as Apple CEO before his death. The ‘Steve Jobs’ biography was released on Oct 24, 2011, the same month that Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. The author shed light on Tim Cook and Steve Jobs relations when he was asked about Jony Ive’s departure from the company. It is no secret that Ive was very close to jobs and was apparently dispirited after Tim Cook took the reigns.

Speaking about Steve Jobs, Isaacson said “Every day when Jobs was in the office in Cupertino, he would go at midday to that sort of big locked door that went to the design studio; be brought in and everybody else would be ushered out. And he would talk table to table with Jony. They would feel not just the phone but the plug. The jack, the way the wire coiled. Jobs at his core was a product person.”

Meanwhile, Apple has been critical about Isaacson’s book right from the beginning. In fact, Apple’s top brass including Tim Cook and Eddy Cue praised another biography by the title “Becoming Steve Jobs.”