Xiaomi’s New Mimoji Bears an Uncanny Resemblance with Apple’s Memoji

Xiaomi has been borrowing quite a lot of stuff from Apple’s playbook. The Chinese company recently launched the CC9, a phone aimed at young users. Alongside the phone launch, the company also unveiled a new feature called Mimoji. What makes Mimoji interesting is that it seems to be heavily inspired by Apple’s Memoji.

The Mimoji resembles Apple’s Memoji design in various aspects. It also comes with customization options like hats, and glasses, something we have already seen on the Memoji’s. iOS users can create their own Memoji and add a slew of options to customize the same. Once done Memoji can be sent as videos or stickers in Messages. Xiaomi’s Mimoji also works in a similar fashion.

That being said, the idea of 3D avatars isn’t Apple exclusive. It has been around for quite some time and Apple took it to the next level. That’s not all, companies like Samsung and Microsoft have come up with their own versions of 3D avatars. Apple first introduced Animoji in 2017 on the iPhone X.

It was offered as a component of Messages and allowed users to create 3D animated emoji by using facial expressions. In 2018, Apple released a user customizable Memoji faces to the Animoji and the update rolled out for iPhone X, XR, and XS models. Earlier, Xiaomi took flak for the Mi 8 design which looked similar to the iPhone X. That apart Xiaomi’s AirDots bears a striking resemblance with the Apple AirPods.

Xiaomi had first launched the animated emoji feature on the Mi 8. However, the first set of animated emoji feature from Xiaomi didn’t include any human characters. After adding human characters Xiaomi’s animated emoji is only looking increasingly identical to Apple’s Memoji and the naming is not helping either.

[via Engadget]