YouTube Music Adds a Button That Lets You Switch between Audio and Video Files

YouTube MusicGoogle has updated the YouTube Music app with a new feature. The update gets a feature that allows users to switch between songs and music videos with a tap of the button.

All one needs to do is tap a button on the top of the screen and YouTube Music app will switch the stream from songs to videos and vice versa. YouTube has time-matched more than 5 million official videos to their official tracks. In other words, you should be able to switch between audio and video for a majority of tracks. Google says this feature will help users discover music videos in the app.

Switching between songs and music videos is as simple as the tap of a button. Users will notice a video button at the top of the screen as they start listening to a song, and with a simple tap, they can instantly start watching the music video or flip back to the audio at the same point in the track.

That being said, the new feature is exclusively available for YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium. This new feature should help improve the user experience and let users switch between music tracks and videos with relative ease. Interestingly YouTube has also baked in a “Don’t play music videos” feature which replaces the “audio mode” and allows you to block videos from appearing on the settings.

Furthermore, the app also skips other sounds, introductions and starts from the beginning of the actual song. YouTube Music Premium is expected to replace Google Play Music later this year. The company is also bettering its Premium Video by offering original programs. The new feature is available for both Android and iOS apps.

[via YouTube]