Apple’s Tile-like Tracker Will Be Integrated with Find My app via an ‘Items’ Tab

A recent report said that Apple is still working on a Tile like Bluetooth tracker. A fresh report has revealed additional details including the construction and certain design aspects. The rumored Apple accessory helps you track personal belongings like keys, wallets, and other stuff.

The report is based on internal iOS 13 builds. In all likelihood, the tracker will be a small, circular tag with the Apple logo in the middle. In other words, Apple’s tracking device resembles other Bluetooth trackers that are already in the market. That being said there is a good chance that the image is a placeholder. If that is indeed the case then the final design might vary by some degree.

MacRumors has confirmed that the tags are codenamed “B389” and it is something that will be used to “tag your everyday items with B389 and never lose them again.” Furthermore, the tags will be integrated with the Find My app in iOS 13. It is worth noting that the internal build of the Find My app has a new section titled “Items” which is not available in the public builds of iOS. Needless to say, Apple is prepping a Bluetooth tracker aimed at helping you find your personal belongings.

Our Take

This is an era of convenience, from self-lacing shoes to trackers that tell us where we misplaced our car keys. It is interesting to witness the demand for consumer-centric gadgetry like smartwatches and Bluetooth tracker constantly rising. Apple is known for perfecting their devices before releasing it to the public. We are pretty sure that the Apple-branded Bluetooth trackers will fly off the shelf.

[via MacRumours]