Apple’s Notes App Is Automatically Censoring Swear Words on iOS 13 Developer Beta

Notes app on iOS is an easy way to jot down important stuff. Apple devices are known for being premium and are often considered as creme de la creme of smartphones. Well, now the Cupertino company seems to have sprung in action and is automatically censoring cuss words. So, next time you decide to use the f-word then your phone will promptly cut it out.

The auto censoring is perhaps aimed at cleaning up your writing. Redditors on iOSBeta subreddit have posted a screenshot that shows how Notes app is censoring cuss words on iOS 13 Beta for developers.

According to the post, the Notes app censors the word while suggesting the title. The Reddit user had used the f-word in a note and it was promptly censored. However, he noted that other words like “ass” didn’t meet the same fate. Please note that Apple seems to be censoring only handwritten notes. Perhaps Apple wants to restrict its suggestion at the PG-13 level. Furthermore, it is not sure whether or not this feature will make it to the final iOS 13 builds.

Our Take

It is a good thing that Apple takes parental control and other things seriously. However, users should at least be given a choice of enabling such mindless censoring. For example, in Apple Music (and other major music streaming services) you can choose to turn off explicit lyrics.

The Notes improvement on iOS 13 beta seems more like an intrusion rather than a feature. What we type/write on phone is our business and Apple is in no position to dictate terms. On the brighter side, we just hope that this pointless feature will be omitted from the final build or at least users will be given a chance to opt-in. Would you like Apple to clean up cuss words on Notes? Let us know in comments below.