Apple Still Working on a Tile-like Tracker, Will Offer ‘Leashing’ Capabilities

Before WWDC 2019 this year, there were rumors of Apple working on a Tile-like tracking object. However, the company did not make any such announcements at its event. Snippets of code found in iOS 13, however, once again confirm that Apple is indeed working on small Bluetooth beacon devices similar to Tile.

These Bluetooth beacon tag will rely on the new Offline Finding feature in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. In this, even when your stolen or lost iPhone or Mac is offline, it sends and receives Bluetooth beacon signals which can be picked up by other iOS or Mac devices nearby. They can then relay the location of your lost device to Apple’s servers.

The Bluetooth tag from Apple will also make use of this technology to relay its location. The tag is meant to be attached to small and important items like keys and wallets. Apple will seemingly also use ARKit to find lost devices or items.

Apple will also allow users to ‘leash’ these tiles with an iOS or watchOS device i.e. a tile can be attached to a device. After that, if the beacon device goes out of range of that device, users will automatically get a notification about it. This is similar to Tile’s Smart alert feature which is a part of its premium monthly service.

There have not been any rumors about Apple’s Tile-like tracking device after WWDC 2019. Nonetheless, it is possible that we could see the device being announced at Apple’s iPhone event which should take place on September 10.

Are you looking forward to a Tile-like tracking device from Apple? Will you be interested in purchasing one?

[Via MacRumors]