Disney Will Offer a $12.99 Disney+ Bundle with Hulu and ESPN+

Disney has already revealed that its streaming service Disney+ will launch on November 12, 2019, with a cost of $6.99/month. During its investors call earlier today, Disney’s CEO Iger further revealed that the company would be offering a $12.99 bundle comprising of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

The bundle will be available to subscribers on the same day Disney+ launches i.e. on November 12. This bundle makes Disney+ a very attractive offering and gives the likes of Netflix and Apple’s upcoming streaming service Apple TV+ a run for their money.

Subscribing to all these services individually will cost users around $18. Hulu with ads is available for $5.99/month, while ESPN+ costs $4.99/month. The latter does not contain all the key shows from ESPN’s cable network but does stream MLB, NHL, and MLS games, tennis Grand Slams, PGA Tour Golf, and more. Thanks to the bundle, consumers will end up saving $5/month.

It is unclear if this bundle will be available to customers outside of the United States at launch or not. There are a number of issues that Disney would need to sort to make this feasible as Hulu is not available in all markets. Plus, the content library of these services vary depending on the region.

Disney has already lined up some great shows for Disney+ that are based on some popular characters from its billion-dollar movie franchise. At $6.99, Disney+ already offered a pretty good deal and undercut the likes of Netflix. With this bundle, Disney has further sweetened the deal for interested customers. The pricing of this bundle from Disney will also force Apple to rethink its pricing strategy for the Apple TV+.

Our Take

While the Cupertino company has already detailed some of the shows coming to the service, it is yet to reveal its monthly price.

Apple TV+ is expected to have a thin amount of original content at launch. This means Apple cannot make the mistake of charging a premium for its streaming service. The company should look into offering a bundle of its various services like Apple Music, iCloud storage, and Apple TV+ at a discount to attract customers and sweeten the deal for them.