Apple HomePod Accounts for Just 5 Percent of Smart Speaker Sales in the U.S

Apple’s HomePod seems to be lagging behind when it comes to market share in the U.S. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has published a new report that says HomePod accounted for only 5 percent out of 76 million smart speakers sold in the United States in Q2 2019.

As expected Amazon continues to tops the leaderboard with Echo devices accounting for 70 percent of smart speakers sold in the United States in Q2 2019. Meanwhile, Google Home devices accounted for 25 percent of the sales during the same time period. The smart speaker segment has witnessed a remarkable growth of nine percent.

Needless to say, HomePod is not selling anywhere as much as Google Home or Amazon Echo. As per the report, people like buying affordable smart speakers like Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini as opposed to the expensive HomePod. Perhaps it is time for Apple to offer a more affordable alternative to HomePod. Despite the revised price, Apple HomePod is still selling at $299 which is considerably more as opposed to Echo or Google Home Mini. The report is concluded after surveying 500 U.S users who own Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod.

Our Take

Apple’s HomePod is positioned as a premium smart speaker. The market trends show that people prefer entry-level smart speakers like the Echo Dot. Even the expensive Google Home Max suffered a similar fate as HomePod. That apart, the HomePod was restricted to select regions in the beginning and needs an Apple device to pair. Moreover it didn’t support Bluetooth and initially, it was linked to only one Apple ID.

[via MacRumours]