Here’s How the Internal Apple Arcade Early Access Program Looks Like

Apple unveiled Apple Arcade, its gaming subscription service, back in March this year. Since then, we have not heard much from the company about Apple Arcade except for stating that it would launch in fall this year. A new report from 9to5Mac today sheds more details on Apple’s subscription gaming service.

Apple is running an internal early access program for Apple Arcade in which Apple employees can try the service for a monthly fee of only 0.49$. It is also offering a one-month free trial. Don’t get too excited about the 49 cents pricing since that’s only for the testing period. Once the service launches, its monthly subscription fee will likely be in the vicinity of $5 or $10.

As for the internal testing, it will end once iOS 13 launches in September.

The publication was able to access the internal testing program from the Mac App Store. The welcome page of the service highlights some of the games that are a part of the service.

There’s a big button right in the center to join the service after which users can go ahead and install games they would like to play by clicking the Get button. This process is similar to how one would install apps from the Mac App Store on their Mac.

Some of the games currently available as a part of Apple Arcade include Way of the Turtle, Down in Bermuda, Hot LAva, Lame Game 2, Frogger in Toy Town, Kings of the Castle, and more. Almost all of these games are still in developmental stages as the publishers behind them work to finish them in time for the launch of the service. It is likely that we will see Apple Arcade launch to the public alongside iOS 13.

Apple Arcade is not a cloud-based gaming service from Apple. Instead, with the service, Apple aims to offer users a gaming subscription service that’s available on the mobile, desktop, and even the living room. All Apple Arcade games will be available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. One can even carry over their progress from one device to another. All the games in Apple Arcade will be free of ads or IAPs.

[Via 9to5Mac]