iOS 12 Adoption Rate Reaches 88% Ahead of iOS 13 Release

iOS 12

Ahead of iOS 13 release next month, Apple has revealed that iOS 12 is now running on 88% of active iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices out there. The data is based on the devices which accessed the App Store on August 6, 2019.

7% of active iOS devices continue to run on iOS 11 while 5% are running an older version of the OS. Around the same time last year, iOS 11 was running on 85% of active iOS devices out there. This means that iOS 12 adoption rate is higher when compared to iOS 11.

iOS 12 was a solid update from Apple which focused on performance improvements and enhancing the overall system stability. Thus, it is not surprising that iOS 12 has a higher adoption rate than iOS 11. The latter was plagued with a number of bugs and negatively affected the performance of many old iOS devices which made users apprehensive of upgrading to it.

The adoption rate of iOS 13 is also likely going to be higher than iOS 12 due to the massive number of features it brings to the table. And Apple has managed to do that without negatively affecting the performance of its older devices. iOS 12 will likely continue to have a sizeable market share a few months after the release of iOS 13 since the latter drops support for iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 — both of which are still popular among users.