iOS 13 Beta 7 vs iOS 12.4 Speedtest

Apple promised 2x faster app launch times with iOS 13 but as various speed tests have shown, these improvements were nowhere to be seen. An iOS engineer working on the project confirmed last week that the app launch opening improvements have made it to the latest iOS 13 beta seeded to developers and public.

To take advantage of the faster app launch times, the developer recommends that one reinstalls all their apps after updating to the latest iOS 13 beta. The easiest way of doing so is to simply do a restore of your backup from iCloud. In some scenarios, users might not notice faster app launch times but the RAM usage should be considerably lower.

So, how fast do apps open in iOS 13 beta 7 compared to iOS 12.4? Are the improvements as big as Apple’s claims?

As the above speed test shows, while iOS 13 beta 7 does bring about some improvement in app opening time, they are modest in nature. At best, we are looking at a split second difference and in many scenarios, the iPhone running iOS 12.4 was faster.

It is likely that we will see a further improvement in app launch times with upcoming iOS 13 beta builds. Plus, the difference should become more obvious once developers start compiling their app keeping iOS 13 as the target OS. After all, the faster app launch improvements are coming due to changes in app compilation code.