iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Beta 6: What’s New

Apple has released the sixth beta of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, tvOS 13 and watchOS 6. As expected Apple has added some new features and tinkered with existing ones. Let us take a closer look and check out what’s new in iOS 13 Beta 6.

What’s New in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Beta 6

Dark Mode Toggle in Control Center

Dark Mode on iOS 13 is definitely a blessing. The Dark Mode also works pretty well during the day time except for some apps like Apple Maps. Now you will be able to toggle Dark Mode on/off via a new Control Center feature.

Hidden URL Previews

iOS 13 now lets you hide URL previews. Apple also warns iOS 13 users on which apps are using location in the background. The feature also specifies the number of times app has accessed your location in the background.


New Splash Screen

Apple has added a welcome screen to some apps. To begin with, both the App Store and Photos App greet you with a splash screen that highlights new features.

Volume Adjustment Steps Tweaked

In the previous beta, Volume adjustment levels had been increased to 34 levels. The same is now brought back to 16 levels.

5G E Icon Fix

The 5G/LTE/4G icon size change is now reversed and is back to the regular size.

Updated Privacy Policy Clause

Apple has added a new clause to its Privacy Policy. It reads “System Customization: Your iPhone will customize system appearance, behaviors, and settings using your current location, for example by automatically enabling Smart Charging when you are at home. This customization data does not leave your device.”

Use Siri to Toggle Dark Mode

You can use Siri to switch to Dark Mode. For instance, you can simply say “Hey Siri change my appearance” to toggle from Normal to Dark Mode and vice versa.

Apple has removed a feature that allowed Siri to read out messages aloud when connected to AirPods and select Beats headphones.

Source- r/iOS Beta